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        Beijing Cosmetic Association work conference
        Time:2015-06-18 12:00

                 June 11, 2015, Beijing day of the second annual meeting of the 2015 work conference held in Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Company. Meeting around the "how to play the advantages of capital, to create the Beijing characteristics of cosmetics enterprises" conducted a deep study and explore.

            A day of meeting. In the morning, it's time to learn. Zhao Hua, Secretary General of the Beijing daily chemical association, Dong Yinmao, director of the board of directors to the delegates expressed sincere greetings. Beijing Shengzhuang household chemical Co., Ltd. Tai Sheng Peng, chairman of the board of directors for all guest Sheng makeup expressed warm welcome, and published the "from cosmetics to create to create the brand forward" the keynote speech.


            In the afternoon, delegates to the theme of this meeting started a lively discussion. Cosmetics industry veteran entrepreneur Mr. Lv Shijing said should be the cosmetics industry and improve the quality of life linked to the cosmetics industry will achieve sustained growth. Mr. Lv Shijing suggests Beijing cosmetics enterprises should be combined with 45 planning integration of Beijing, Tianjin and the overall planning ideas, give full play to the advantages of Beijing's politics, culture, science and technology, international exchange center, relying on the rich tourist resources in Beijing, Beijing style elements into cosmetics to create a Beijing characteristics of cosmetics. Discussion, Jintai Jun, general manager of Beijing Yiqing daily chemical company, Beijing Sunshine fine (Group) Co., Ltd. Ji Dong Guo, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of Beijing Sangpu Biochemical Co., Ltd. Liu Hongsheng, Liang Fei sun Haina, general manager of Beijing, the Beijing daily chemical monitoring station Zhang Yingqi owners and other member enterprises on behalf of the said Beijing cosmetics enterprises should unite and relying on the platform of Beijing Technology and Business University and Beijing Daily Chemical Association, integrate the advantages of resources, together to create industrial cluster of Beijing Tianjin Hebei cosmetics, built with Chinese characteristics of international cosmetic brands.
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