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        Welcome To Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Company!
        Service hotline:400-6100-226
        Processing hotline: 010-69383746
        Sales hotline: 400-6100-226

        Attending the 20th beauty show in Hong Kong
        Time:2015-10-23 11:22

          More than 2300 exhibitors from all over the world will be on November 11 to 13, 2015 in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, the asia-pacific embodiment beauty exhibition for the exhibition stage. Exhibition covers each category in beauty field, including cosmetics and personal care, nail, hairdressing, natural health, professional skin care, spa and packaging. The exhibition pavilion with a total of 22 countries and groups, set beauty important representatives of market area, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, California, France, Germany, Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Britain and the United States.

        The activity of the exhibition and education project content is rich, close to the industry trends and market trends:

        The primary area new Discover Trends will showcase emerging beauty products, including men's beauty care products, natural organic products and baby care products; Spot On Beauty Forum it analyzes all kinds of Beauty trend and market changes; And the continuation of last year's successful experience, Boutique charity charity sale will be launched, activity is sponsored by up to 20 exhibitors noble beauty product trial, participants through donations to choose products, wonderful match with exquisite gift box packaging. Full sale proceeds will be donated women's foundation.

        BeiJing ShengZhuang In northern China's largest professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing one of the manufacturers.

        So far, shing makeup company for the global more than hundreds of thousands of products of cosmetics brand provides OEM and ODM services, markets include Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions. At present, sheng makeup company ODM cosmetics, skin care products cover four cosmetics fields, special use cosmetics, SPA, can provide including plants, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and natural mineral types, hundreds of series of cosmetics formula and production.

        The exhibition convention and exhibition, 5 g -  A2A welcome new and old customers come to negotiate


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