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        Welcome To Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Company!
        Service hotline:400-6100-226
        Processing hotline: 010-69383746
        Sales hotline: 400-6100-226

        Practice base of Beijing Business University
        Time:2015-11-20 15:56

        Beijing Technology and Business University campus practice base students Shengzhuang of Beijing family company ushered in the tourist experience
        Shengzhuang to promote the cause of cosmetics to spare no effort. Shengzhuang as a practice base outside school and Beijing Technology and Business University, and cosmetics talent incubation base, and usher in the afternoon of yesterday, including Beijing day of the association, the University of business and other 50 people to come to visit and learn.
        (figure for the teachers and students in the process of making a visit to make the makeup
        Students have been exposed to the whole process of the production of cosmetics processing, from the formula to the production, from the filling to the packaging, especially the color cosmetics production and processing, feel the advanced production process, participate in the quality evaluation of the cosmetics Center experience, feel the power of science and technology.(figure for the students in the understanding of the advantages of national brand)
        Subsequently, the students also visited the beautiful home cosmetics retail stores, recognized the strong national brand, to understand the cosmetics market demand.(figure for the students to listen carefully to the relevant knowledge of cosmetics)
        After viewing the Shengzhuang factory, the chief Shengzhuang chief makeup development director to the students on a professional makeup development course, explain the history of the make-up, development, and the combination of theory and research and development practice.

        After the visit, the students have said, a worthwhile trip. Shengzhuang, as always, continue to open the factory, welcome the new and old friends to visit.
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