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        Welcome To Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Company!
        Service hotline:400-6100-226
        Processing hotline: 010-69383746
        Sales hotline: 400-6100-226

        Eye: eye shadow, gel eyeliner, eyeliner pencil, mascara;
        Face: BB cream, CC cream, primer, blush, loose powder, compact powder, makeup remover, liquid foundation;
        Lip: lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, repair cream for eyes & lips.

        Shampoo: shampoo, hair cleansing gel, hair cleansing cream;
        Conditioner: washable conditioner,  hair mask, hair oil;
        Other hair products: hair mud, hair wax, hair lotion, hair gel,cream.

        Essential oil:pure essential oil,compound essential oil,base oil;
        Body care: body scrub, body butter, body oil, olive oil, body powder, floral water;
        Massage: massage cream, massage oil,massage lotion, massage gel;
        Exfoliation: scrubbing cream, exfoliating cream, exfoliating gel.

        With the advanced technological process, the gentle products for maternity and baby cover such categories as cleanser and skin care, satisfying the special needs of skin.
        Cleanser: tear-free shampoo, tear-free bath & shower gel, laundry detergent,cleansers for baby accessories;
        Skin care: infant facial cream, nourishing lotion, BB oil, hip cream, baby powder.

        Face care products cover such categories as skin cleanser, skin care, lotion, and mask.
        Cleanser: facial cleanser, facial cleansing cream, facial cleansing gel, foaming cleanser, facial cleansing oil;
        Skin care: lotion, essence, cream(various effects);
        Lotion: astringent, toner, softener, flower water;
        Mask: facial mask, washable mask( cream mask, jelly mask, mud mask ,herbal mask).

        Anti-acne: anti-acne lotion/cream, anti-acne toner, anti-acne essence, anti-blemish essence;
        Anti-blackhead: blackhead removal toner, anti-blackhead nose mask, pore-minimizing essence;
        Breast beauty and body shaping: Breast Cream,Breast patch,Body slimming cream,Firming Cream;
        Sunscreen : Sunscreen Cream SPF15-30,Sunscreen Spray ,Sunscreen Lotion.

        Bath & shower: bath & shower gel, exfoliating shower gel, bath & shower oil, bath salt;
        Body care: lotion, cream, breast mask, belly mask, neck mask;
        Deodorant: anti-perspirant deodorant spray, anti-perspirant deodorant roll-on;
        Hand care: hand cleanser, cleansing gel, hand cream, hand mask;
        Foot care: heel repair cream, foot mask, foot massage cream, foot care powder.




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